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Nestled in the shade of coconut trees, surrounded by rice fields, Puri Taman Sari Bali offers daily rural atmosphere with her authentic culture. Owned by a member of the royal family of Mengwi, Puri Taman Sari invites you to experience real traditional Balinese compound. Puri Taman Sari is located in Dusun Umabian, Desa Marga Peken Kecamatan, Kabupaten Tabanan - Bali, a fertile land known as the best value for Balinese rice are produced. Take walks through the terraced rice fields and along rivers. There are several traditional Balinese villages you can easily walk to. You can also join or watch the daily village life, such as planting and plowing rice fields. Try your luck at catching eels stream or river rafting traditional reach. Feel the Balinese ...

Puri Taman Sari

Puri Taman Sari design is the result of the architects of traditional Balinese compound consisted of several pavilions in each direction North, South, East, West with large garden in the center. A temple of the family on the north-is dedicated to the holy Mt Agung and traditional cuisine in the south, symbolizing the magical harmony between man and God, between humans and their human nature. Some of these houses have been converted into a guest house with deluxe rooms and junior suites with a private porch overlooking the rice fields surrounding the compound.

Puri Taman Sari offers a traditional environment with privacy and comfort of life. The services are similar that you are getting to the hotel standard. You have a chance to experience the unique and exclusive to see Bali as you would have found in the 1920 ... Learn how to prepare the Balinese daily offering, traditional cuisine, pray, do some ceremonies. You can take cooking lessons, learn to prepare traditional Balinese dishes. See and participate in the preparation of religious ceremonies. You can also visit the temple and the royal palace in minutes few Mengwi.

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